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Charity fundraising specialist

What we can accept in detail

Majority of item graphics below are actual items that have been donated. Some have been bought privately but are shown to give examples of what we can handle. All Graphics are copyright to Stamps n All or associated company names. 

The list is by no means complete. If you feel you have an item that may be of interest, contact us for advise. 

NOTE – We do not offer valuations for any items over the telephone or via email. Valuations are only done on sight of the items (Charges may apply).


Any Stamps, old Envelopes**, First Day Covers, Any stamp collections. From starter collections to specialized collections covering any period.- used or unused. Please leave a 5 to 8mm border around stamps.

**IF the stamps are on envelopes or postcards postmarked before 1970 - DO NOT REMOVE THEM! They may be worth more as a collectible item complete, see actual examples below. 

Also now wanted any of the following as issued by Royal Mail as well as the normal small or commemorative stamps.

Gold Postage Labels These come with many different Code letters at the top.


Post & Go stamps  Again there are many different designs and styles. All are required.

Example – In mid 2008 a supporter donated 10 envelopes with Queen Victoria GB Stamps on them. 9 sold for £3 each but 1 sold for £350 on an internet auction site. It had been placed at Spinks in London but failed to sell. This was an 1870 1/2d Bantam Plate 9 on entire. The stamp had a minor defect in bottom left corner, but it is still a very rare item.

Example - In late 2011 Nowzad Dogs in Plymouth were donated 45 old envelope fronts all hand-drawn. After careful research and offers from within the stamp trade (Highest offer was £350) it was decided to place these to auction at Spinks in London (Stamps n All have a special arrangement here for selling Charity lots). They were sold in their Collectors series auction 25-26 January 2012. Lot no 533 realizing £600. See below

Also what not to do with stamps on envelopes. The following is also what happened.
The stamps below are a selection for 75 pieces with stamps on torn from envelopes (as note enclosed stated so they would fit into letter for mailing). Had these still been on complete envelopes they may have been worth around £25 to £100 per envelope. The entire lot of 75 pieces sold in auction for £26.

And finally another disaster donation I have no photographs as this was back in early 2004 when I was just getting started. A donation of 1,500 Queen Victoria stamps from around the British Commonwealth, all just torn from postcards and envelopes to save room in packing. I estimated if the postcards and envelopes had been sent in complete this could have realized £30-50,000. As it was the stamps sold for under £100 in auction. The stamps themselves were of low value and very common. What was of importance in this lot the variety and postmarks. Over half were from South Africa countries and many from the Pacific Islands.

A selection of other items Donated in the past of some of the better items. This is only a very small selection for the 10’s of thousands of items handled over the years. They do not have to be old to be sought after. See below Kenya 2006 Fish 55/= stamp. 4 different values were issued only locally and not generally available to collectors. To date I have only seen 2 different values.


Postcards** (including Pre-1940s Birthday Cards and World War 1 silk cards**)
These can be of any age, unused or used.



These can be of any age, unused or used singles or sets.
No graphics at present.


Coins and Bank Notes - any and all, old and new, from ANYWHERE in the world, obsolete or otherwise.



Precious Metals - including broken jewellery, old trophies, gold, silver etc.


Medals and Badges - any, and not limited to military items, other medals and badges accepted.


Costume Jewellery - is accepted.


Keys and Locks - any age or types from Roman to date, below is just a selection. Also wanted old Chubb keys, door keys, padlocks, door locks again any age.

METAL ITEMS from around the household

Any Metal Toys, Ornaments & Cutlery - any age, type or condition.


Watches & Clocks - Quartz or wind-up, working or not.


Any Town and County Planning Atlases (any dates) & any General Atlases pre-1900.
We no longer require any Ordinance Survey Type Maps.


The list below is just a SHORT VERSION of other things we are prepared to accept to help you.

This includes, Candlesticks, Horse Brasses, Horse Harness, Old shaving items - metal razor and unused blades and their boxes. (Not modern plastic razors), unusual vintage kitchen implements, vintage mathamatical and technical drawing impliments, scientific instruments including telescopes, nautical instruments. NOTE - Scientific and Nautical instruments we can also accept reproductions.


Take a look in the loft. You would be amazed how much that old junk could raise for a good cause!

We can also collect large lots and collections by special arrangement from any UK addresses. Minimum weight for a special collection is 10kg to a maximum weight including packaging 25kg (Subject to size restrictions details on request).

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