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About Stamps n All.

I have been a stamp collector since 1965 after my father bought myself and my brothers a stamp collection each to pass the time on our way to Australia on board ship. By the time we arrived 3 weeks later I had bought out my brothers. My father said I was an entrepreneur even then at the age of 9, it was many years later before I knew what he meant. I started my first part time business whilst serving in HM Forces in Germany "Allwright Stamps" in 1976 and after leaving the Forces in 1980 worked in a Stamps and Coin shop in Reading, Berkshire (The Numismery) from 1982 to 1984 here gaining a wealth of knowledge from the store owner in greater width of field, coins and precious metals.

I eventually became a fulltime trader in 2004, (just after being diagnosed as Autistic {Asperger’s Syndrome} and being made redundant in late 2003), by assisting a major UK Charity with their fundraising through recycling there stamps – handling their kiloware with up to 2 tonnes per month at the peak in 2005.

I strongly believe all funds raised by charities and groups should be spent on the good causes it has been raised for, and not on administration. This ethos has stood me in good stead, because one of the conditions for working with charities is that I had to develop standard practices and procedures to ensure smooth running of my operation with minimal cost to the charity.

As a result, we have effectively removed around 95% of the administration cost, and time, away from the charity or group, releasing them to do what they are best at.

I also learned a tremendous amount about running a business by being an Amway distributor from 1993 to 2006.

In 2006, I started to diversify into other fields. The adage "All your eggs in one basket feeling" was a bit scary by diversifing into other fields. With the launch of our own website in March 2008. I have expanded the business considerably and now concentrate on a core business of
assisting Organisations(Currently over 80 – May 2016) with fund-raising by recycling all kinds of collectibles, precious metals and other items of interest by pooling all the knowledge learnt over many years.

As of 23rd May 2016 I have decided to begin to plan towards my retirement, so have decided to stop taking on any new organisations and reduce my working week to a 3 day week (Semi-retired). I never see myself totally retiring, I would just go nuts with nothing to do.

All items we sell carry a 100% satisfaction warranty (unless otherwise stated)

You can be rest assured by buying from us because we operate on the highest business ethics. Our business has been built on 3 main principles  Loyalty - Character - Integrity.

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David Allwright

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