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Tel: 01752 296 369

Charity fundraising specialist

I run a specialist company in assisting organisations and private individuals with their fundraising (Terms and conditions apply).

Stamps n All - Due to Covid-19 Today March 23rd The Prime Minister has ordered the UK into LOCKDOWN, as such during this period I will continue running a limited service.

During this period I will only post orders once a week as long as and if my local Post Office is open. I will not travel to search for a Post Office if it is closed. I will not accept ANY INTERNATIONAL ORDERS during this period.

Top prices paid - I Buy/Sell - Stamps, Coins & Banknotes, Postcards, Some Militaria, Medals, Badges, Keys and Locks, Gold, Silver & Precious metals, Small antiques and Collectibles, SMALL household items and ornaments a short list of other types of items of interest This includes: Candlesticks, Horse Brasses, Horse Harness, Old shaving items - metal razors, unused blades and their boxes (not modern plastic razors), unusual vintage kitchen implements, vintage mathematical and technical drawing implements, scientific instruments including telescopes, nautical instruments. NOTE - we can also accept reproduction Scientific and Nautical instruments. .

My working days are. Mon, Tues & Thurs 9am - 5pm.

To send us a message use the 'Contact Us' page. Please include your name, telephone number and organisation.

We have just added a new line to our portfolio we can accept:

The list below is just a SHORT VERSION of other things we are prepared to accept to help you.

Also urgently wanted: Gold, Silver & Platinum. Top prices paid. 

Call for latest prices.

Stamps n All are now proud support the following Organisations:

Help for Heroes -

Horizons (Plymouth) Children’s sailing Charity -

If you have come here expecting to view our old website to purchase goods please use following links for either eBay - and Delcampe -

With effect from 23rd May 2016, we are no longer accepting any more Charities onto our recycling scheme as I am semi-retiring and looking to spend more time not working. We will, however, continue to support all our current organisations for as long as they require our services.

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